Thursday, July 28, 2016

I am back !

Well, it has been almost 1 year plus since the last time I blogged.
Nowadays, I am kinda of focusing on my online shop.
Alhamdulillah,my online shop is going good !
Will be blogging more on recent stories of my life.
Catch up soon peeps ! :)

NOTA CINTA : I still fall for you EVERYDAY.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

London Trip 18 : Primark Again & Goodbye London !

After being amazed with WARNER BROS STUDIO, we decided to experience the evening and night time in CITY OF LONDON.
It was definitely awesome and cool !
The next day was our very last day in LONDON.
How I wish that I could rewind back the precious time here in LONDON.
We did our last shopping at PRIMARK again and a quick stroll around.
And the its our GOODBYE LONDON !
I will definitely come back again with my future family. *hope so*

NOTA CINTA : It amazes me that you've seen me at my best and my worst and you love me anyway.

London Trip 17 : Warner Bros Studio Tour

After being frustrated for a few times while checking online for the tickets and we even been to the nearest tube station,WATFORD JUCTION, in hope that we can purchase the ticket there itself, finally we managed to purchase tickets for 3 of us.
But unfortunately we can't. Coz this is the attraction whereby you have to purchase the via online.
So to all of you who plan on going here, do buy your tickets earlier coz this is definitely a must-to-visit place if you are a fan of HARRY POTTER !
Me being a true fan of HARRY POTTER and growing up with HARRY POTTER SERIES, I definitely must visit this place, WARNER BROTHERS STUDIO LONDON !
As the day that we booked reached, I am super excited for the tour !!!
You will definitely be amazed with was waiting for you on the inside.

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