Friday, May 31, 2013

First Mini Giveaway by Minie

hey everyone ! this is my very FIRST MINI GIVEAWAY !
hope sangat korunk sudi nak join. and memandangkn ni first giveaway minie, so minie decide tuk senangkan korang tak perlu buat entry..just tinggalkan link blog kat entry ni!!!
and minie sangat mengalukan if anyone nak sponsur anything. kalau ade yg berminat nak sponsur, just pm kt fb jer.
sorry if korunk rase ade things yang kurang setuju.

2. rakyat Malaysia
3. ade blog
4. ade facebook

CARA NAK MENANG (harap semua jujur):
1. follow blog minie -
2. like page blog minie -
3. klik SINI , SINI , SINISINI , SINI (tunggu sampai habis loading)

1. shawl + inner x 1 pemenang
2. klip rambut x 3 pemenang
3. headband (cekak) x 2 pemenang
4. set of rantai & a pair of earrings x 1 pemenang
5. pair of earrings x 3 pemenang
6. bangle x 1 pemenang
7. topup RM5 x 1 pemenang

TARIKH TAMAT : 15 MAY 2013 ---> 31 MAY 2013
NOTA CINTA : Never miss an opportunity to tell someone how much they mean to you.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jana Duit dengan TWITTER !

hari ni minie nak share another way untuk JANA DUIT/PENDAPATAN !
lebih kurang same dengan CHURP CHURP & 8SHARE !
but yang ini lebih SENANG ! sebabnye hanya perlu RETWEET & FOLLOW je da boleh dapat earnings !
siape yang ade TWITTER tu jom cepat-cepat join !
atleast di sampaing tweeting dapat jana income dalam kadar yang pantas. sekali retweet boleh earn RM0.50.
minie baru few hours join dah dapat RM3.00 !
ape tunggu lagi?! KLIK SINI UNTUK REGISTER !!!

NOTA CINTA : Ape tunggu lagi ? Jom JOIN !!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sidewalk Ice-Cream Lounge, Ipoh

minie and family minie have this favourite ICE CREAM HANGOUT PLACE !
weekdays buka jam 7.30PM and weekends buka jam 2.00PM.
korang wajib datang tempat ni sebab set up tempat die amazing sangat ! romantik, calm, interesting and everything nice ! boleh duduk kat tempat tu for hours but tak kan rase boring langsung !
ICE CREAM die macam-macam gaya and art ade. makanan lain pun ade gak macam MUSHROOM SOUP and GARLIC BREAD.

NOTA CINTA : Love is the best medicine. Overdose can kill you.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Giveaway : Saya suka Photobooth Props

wanna know more bout this giveway ? Klik SINI !!!
TAMAT : 30 JULY 2013
4 orang yang ditag : 
NOTA CINTA : Hopefully menang coz i love photobooth props !

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Paras Rupa VS Hati

dalam mencari pasangan hidup or cinta sehidup semati korunk, adakah PARAS RUPA atau HATI yang korunk dahulukan ? semua inginkan pasangan yang tampak sempurna dari segi semua aspek termasuklah fizikal dan hati. semua nak pasangan mereka either cantik or handsome and mempunyai hati yang baik. but the fact is no one is perfect.
bagi minie, i prefer HATI yang BAIK. HATI is definitely FIRST. kalau ade hati yang baik and ikhlas, insyallah PARAS RUPA akan menjadi lebih baik. HATI bukanlah sesuatu yang boleh berubah dengan pantas. bila HATI baik, insyallah akan berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat. sebabnye nanti kita dan pasangan yang betanggungjawab mendidik anak-anak.
for me, PARAS RUPA semestinya KEDUA. paras rupa boleh berubah within few seconds or few minutes. dari paras rupa yang cantik atau handsome kepada paras rupa yang tidak seberapa. dari paras rupa yang tidak seberapa kepada paras rupa yang cantik atau handsome. if kita sayangkan seseorang itu kerana PARAS RUPA atau fizikal semata-mata,jikalau suatu hari nanti pasangan kita tu accident or muka die terluka or paras rupa yang handsome atau cantik tu hilang, takkan sayang kita pada pasangan kita tu hilang macam tu je? besides apa gunenya kalau PARAS RUPA handsome atau cantik, tapi HATI tu kosong, tak ikhlas. kalau dapat pasangan yang HATI BAIK and PARAS RUPA cantik or handsome, itu kira bonus la tu.
so, korunk pula yang mana menjadi pilihan? HATI atau PARAS RUPA ?

NOTA CINTA : I'll never be able to end my explanation. There are far more things that I love about you than you think.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy 6th Monthsary !

Tak sedar pun dah 6 bulan kite fall in love and going through obstacles together.
I hope we will stand strong together no matter what happens and we will last forever.
You are the best that I have ever had and than for everything love!
I love you so much sayang.♥

love, quotes, sayings, cute, romantic, deep
NOTA CINTA : Love is like quick-sand. Once you fall in it, it's hard to get out.
-6th month-

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Mama !

I love u so much, mama. Thanx for everything mama.
Thanx for being by my side through every hard and easy moments.  Thanx for supporting me.
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there.

NOTA CINTA : I just want you to be by my side always and forever.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Work Interview

today i had my FIRST EVER REAL WORK INTERVIEW ! omg ! i was freaking nervous !
so, i woke 2 hours earlier to get myself prepared. but apparently i was too early, coz my sis took longer time to get ready than I was.
both of us decided to get a job since it is freaking boring staying in home.
so, one of my friend told to join her at work. I told my mum and she agreed. i started to prepare my RESUME.
today, we went there. as soon as I reached, I was like freakin nervous!
masuk je RECEPTION, cakap nak apply kerja. then die bagi borang to isi. after isi, waited to be interviewed. a lady interviewed me. lepas selesai interview tu, lega sesangat-sangat.
ingat kan lepas interview tu, da settle. rupa-rupanya I had another interview. OMG!!! proceed je la..
settle je interview, the boss for my department took me around the places.
overall, it was a good experience since i had none.
the most important is during interview ALWAYS SMILE AND BE CONFIDENT AND WEAR PROPER ATTIRE!!!

NOTA CINTA : Nobody knows what you feel inside.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hotel Review : Regalo Hotel Melaka

hari tu, minie pergi trip ke minie bermalam kat REGALO HOTEL for 3 days 2 nights..
minie tak sempat nak tangkap gambar gune camera sebab sampai je hotel, terus landing to sleep.
sumber gambar dan info adalah daripada REGALO HOTEL FACEBOOK.but gambar tu semua exactly macam ape yang minie rase and nampak mase stay kat sana.
hotel ni sesuai ngan bajet kitaorang. for 2 nights, we got it for RM226.00. besides that it is so comfortable and the staffs are also friendly and its still new.
CHECK IN - 2.00PM, CHECK OUT - 12.00PM

the location nearby to Jonker Street and other historical places

outside view of the hotel

hotel lobby

the hotel walkway

our room num are 309 & 310

standard double room-queen size bed

sink, mirror and hair dryer situated outside of the bathroom

side of the bed and place to hand clothes

the bathroom
NOTA CINTA : The love I have will never change as each day goes by. I will love you till the day I die.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

DKHP sesi 2010/2013!

sekarang dah almost three years we all know each other.
DKHP 2010/2013 ROCKS + SUPERB !

SYIKEEN - she is my beautiful baby gurl !
RABY - loves eat but still skinny jer. damn jealous wei.
SUE - she still looks beautiful no matter what she put on.
MINEM - keeps her room superb tidy and beautiful.
WADAH - such a sporting friend. love to see her falling in love.
SHAKILLA - she is already like my big sis.
DARREEN - a soft siamese gurl..gosh..!
UMA - tall girl with a boy hair cut but still look feminine.
NAVEENA - adorable sweet smart girl.
JANANI - the gurl with braces.
SHIRLEY - cute and petite gurl.
IZZATI - mek the smallest girl in class.
JEEAH - gadis ayu gitu.
BEATRICE - when she smiles, a slight dimple can be seen.
MISCHEL - her beautiful big eyes when she wears contact lens.
BAN LEE - super organized person.
ENJI - sweet gurlfren when it comes to love. super skinny legs!
VIVIAN - super smart girl !!!
TEHA - an example of a superb future wifey.
LIYANA - soft gurl with a sweet smile.
MUKA - black is maybe la her fav colour.
KAK MAS - mommy in the class.
QIST - bagi ape je, she can turn it into delicious food.
JUE - happily in a relationship with her boyfie.
DIDIE - happy with the man of her life.
FARA - bile masuk class je, she will all sort of cute face reactions.
WANY - still skinny and pretty till now.
KAK AINI - an elder sis in the class.
RAIHANI - good in drawing and anime.
SHAHIRAH - friendsly and nice gurl.
AYIE - rugby player. one of my close male friend.
FAHMIE - futsal player and has sense of fashion.
ACAP - quite a good singer.
FIRDAUS - suke dengar lagu hardcore giler.
IEJAN - his voice amazed me especially bile die gelak.
JOE - dancing is his thing and so does yoga.
PAWAIH - brave to voice out his thoughts.
ZIE - suke sangat cookies that he made.
WILSON - willy! super tall and skinny guy.
SAM - sammy. love to play computer games.
DINAESH - my big brother and big joker in class.
AZIZI - talented and artistic hand.
YAZID - one of example future husband.
DIN - most evening, he will definitely jog.
AZMAN - his gila-gila attitude.

NOTA : i hope our 3 years of friendship will last till eternal and our 3 years of memory will be forever cherished and remembered. kalau ada salah and silap, atau terkasar bahasa, atau terluka hati, atau ape jua kesalahan, harap dapat dimaafkan. thanx for the wonderful memories. gud luck in your future. i love dkhpian !

Friday, May 3, 2013

Melaka Trip : Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

since we had a long day, we went back to rest and continued our travel at night.
malam ni minie decided to go to another mall which is DATARAN PAHLAWAN MELAKA MEGAMALL. it is the biggest mall in MELAKA..
we had our dinner at A&W, since it is my favourite ! yeay ! setelah sekian lama mengidam, akhirnya dapat juga.
lepas dinner, pusing and jalan-jalan around the mall..but tak sempat nak jalan the whole mall sebab dah nak dekat closing. as usual, shopping itu wajib bagi minie walaupun dah nak dekat closing. minie sempat rembat HANDBAG.
before balik, singgah plak kat UPTOWN PAHLAWAN (kot). kat sini love belikan minie PURSE. thanx love!
the next day, its time to head back home. overall, the trip was tiring but it was awesome !
thanx to IEJAN, DINAESH, NANO, UMA and LOVE for this trip !

NOTA CINTA : I never thought I'd love you so much !

Melaka Trip : Menara Taming Sari

lepas tu, kitaorang pergi pulak MENARA TAMING SARI yang tidak jauh dari A'FAMOSA..
ni maklumat dari google : Dari ketinggian 80 meter dan pemandangan sejauh 5km, pelawat dapat menyaksikan banyak tempat-tempat menarik dan bersejarah seperti Selat Melaka, Kompleks TUDM,  Stadthuys, Puncak St. Paul, Memorial Kemerdekaan, Pulau Melaka dan Masjid Negeri. Tempoh perjalanan adalah 7 minit dan kapasiti penumpangnya adalah 80 orang. Ketinggiannya ialah 110 meter. 
harga tiket pula untuk DEWASA = RM10.00 and KANAK-KANAK = RM5.00
mula-mula tu macam gayat sikit, but after that dah okay. dapat nampak whole MELAKA !
love sempat belikan minie WATCH. and we bought the same SHIRT.
lepas tu, kitaorang lunch and jalan kat PAHLAWAN WALK. then, decided to go to MAHKOTA PARADE. tetibe kat sane, plan tengok movie IRON MAN 3.

NOTA CINTA : The sky isn't always blue nor does the sun always shine, but as long as I got you, I will be fine.
-taming sari-

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Melaka Trip : A'Famosa

after STADTHUYS, we walked further up and went to A'FAMOSA..
this is a lil info about it : The Portuguese colonised Melaka from 1511 to 1641. The first thing they did was build a fort overlooking the river, calling it A'Famosa. As Melaka was the centre of struggles between super powers of the time, and suffered the constant threat of attack, the A'Famosa fort was critical in Portugal maintaining its colonial foothold in the Far East.
as for usual, tangkap gambar itu wajib. then, we moved on to another place.

NOTA CINTA : Your love is all I think about.

Melaka Trip : Stadthuys

the next day, we woke up quite early. so, kitaorang search for breakfast.
and again it my first to have breakfast with love.
after breakfast, we walked to the STADTHUYS. and here is a lil info about it on google : Built in 1650 as the official residence of the Dutch Governor and his officers, The Stadthuys is a fine example of Dutch architecture of that period. It is believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the East. 
kitaorang just bergambar around that place jer. tak masuk pun dalam muzium tu semua.

NOTA CINTA : I will always love you no matter what happens.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Melaka Trip : Melaka River Cruise

after da sampai to the end of JONKER WALK, minie and love decided to go on MELAKA RIVER CRUISE.
here is a lil bit info which I googled on the internet : The Melaka River Cruise is a great way to see the sights of Melaka at a leisurely pace, in comfort and without breaking the bank. The Melaka River is where the town began and it has played a key role in Melaka's colourful history. Taking a river cruise is like seeing Melaka from the back door.
that cruise takes about 30 minutes..tiket plak for adult = RM10.00 and children = RM5.00
during that cruise, boleh nampak painting on the wall along the river..cantik + seronok !
after cruise, minie decided to make a keychain as souvenir..waited for 5 minutes for it to siap.
lepas tu, straight away balik since we were all damn tired.

NOTA CINTA : Everyone has an addiction. Mine happens to be you.

Melaka Trip : Jonker Walk

after da puas rehat, we headed to JONKER WALK !
here is a lil bit info about JONKER WALK.  :  Jalan Hang Jebat, formerly known as Jonker Street, is known worldwide among serious antique collectors as one of the best places to hunt and bargain for antiques. Recently, a new wave of cafes and craft shops have sprouted on this street, lending it a cultured air of old-meets-new.
mase minie kat JONKER WALK ni, serius rambang mata gile bile nak shopping. mostly murah and cantik.
bile perut da lapar, kitaorang cari kedai makan and finally found one.
minie and love makan kuew tiow kungfu since both of us loved it so much !
ni first time, minie had dinner with love. although it is just a dinner, but it's still sweet memory for me.

NOTA CINTA : I'm amazed when I look at you. Not just because of your looks, but because of the fact that everything I've ever wanted is right in front of me.