Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MiD yEaR eXaM!!!


mrkh mid year truk gle r!!argh!!tensyenny!!

study utk TRIAL SPM!!berusaha utk menigkatkn markah!!yeay..

hrap2 dpt capai target & keputusan cemerlang dlm SPM!!

9A1/10A1(kalo ad 1119english)

-dak nk maju dlm hdp-

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ReLaXiNg My MiNd

hri nie g catch movie ngn my 2 sis & my 2 niece..g tgk HANNAH MONTANA THE & shweet gle..

" wish me & my hubby shweet mcm tu..but ktorg lg shweet!! "


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a DaY tRiP tO cAmErOn HiGhLaNdS!!!

well as usual..mlekn j0urney..ari ni kete NAZA RIA..not WIRA..

"mak teh pinjam kete jp ek..muatan pnuh..."

heheh..yg g adalah :mama,papa,me,my 2 sis,my 3 niece & a maid..owh yea,lpe plak,n MY OTHER NIECE..muatan da le pnuh,tp papa nk tmbh lg..terpkse berhimpit le..huhuhu..:(

naek je jln pusing2 nk g cameron,da rse pening & nk muntah plak..hhhee..smp je,ktorg ronda2 le..

ktorg g le tmpt2 bese yg ad kt camer0n tu..

b)TIME TUNNEL -boring gle..:(
c)mkn skon & aiskrim..(tak ingt nme tmpt...ngah kelaparan..)
d)SMOKE HOUSE (best gle tmpt ni..cntk sgt..)

Aku & adkku di Smoke House

e)pusing2 kt tnh rata

pas2,ktorg blik le..mse tu sume da ngant0k..lentok abis..heheh..besh r gk..walaupn da slalo g..

"harap2 pas SPM,i can go wif my hubby to cameron!!"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ToUcHiNg LoVe LiFe St0rY

You had opened this. You must continue reading. Here is a very touching lovelife story about a girl.This girl is just a simple girl who happens to be not so pretty and not sougly. She has a very funny attitude. She's a bit naughty and playful. She's caring and sometimes she is more to childish.One day, there is a boy who is very cute and charming who's also the most popular guy in school went pass her. Hewas attracted to her and asked for her phone number from one of her friends.After a while contacting each other,they felt that it is time to move onto another step. To the more-than-friends relationship.Their relationship went so well.Everyday, they will have another new stuff to talk about, to laugh at & to enjoy with. They were so happy with their relationship eventhough they also argue several time. They will always find the way to settle it and move on with their relationship.Suddenly, she gets a news about something she never want it to happen.She gets it wrongly and thought that this boy is cheating on her.

Girl : U said lastime there is no other girl that's better than me!
Boy : Yeah.. You are honey.. What makes you think you're not?
Girl : But what about the other girl that you're with now? Does it mean anything?
Boy : Oh, her. We're just friends. Not more than that. Whats wrong, babe?Don't you trust me?Girl : Okay. I'm sorry.
Boy : It's okay.

Then the rumors between the boy andthe other girl became to grow and grow. But she just kept it silent and doesn't want to ask anything as she doesn't want the relationship to breakoff.After worrying sick, she finally ask.

Girl : Do you really want me? or you want her?
Boy : Whats wrong honey? I never want her. I just want you.
Girl : Then, quit contacting her!
Boy : Okay. I will. But honey, we're just friends.
Girl : I know. But i don't feel okay about it.
Boy : Well. Okay. As long as my babe is happy, i'm gonna do anything you want.

The girl smile. She knew she can trust him. But she couldn't stop thinking about the other girl. She knows that she's not that hot, pretty and sexy girl like the other girl is.But she still have feelings. A feeling of love.

Boy : Honey, i lost a friend..
Girl : Omg, really? Who?
Boy : She, the girl that u thought i have an affair with.
Girl : She died?
Boy : No, we're no longer friends.
Girl : Why?
Boy : She got a crush on me.
Girl : She told you that?
Boy : Yeah.
Girl : I've told you before. You can't be too nice to girls. They fall seasily to guys who care for them.
Boy : So, now u're saying i'm wrong coz i care about her?
Girl : No, it's not like that. Ermm,did u accept her as ur girlfriend??
Boy : No.Girl : Then, what did you said to her?Boy : "I love my girlfriend so much,and i will never let her go. Even if she ask me for a break up, i will still be waiting for her to come back to me. She's the only one that i truly love. I only love you as my sister."
(tears start to roll down her face)
Girl : Do you really said that to her?
Boy : Yeah. And i really meant it.
(they hugged)
Girl : Why don't you go apologize to her.
Boy : What for? I'm not guilty.
Girl : I know how it feels to be rejected. It hurts so bad. Just go apologize to her. Say that you're sorry because you can't be more than friends.
Boy : Okay, honey.

From that day, she know that she can trust him 100%. The boy did choose to be with her eventhough the other girl is way hotter than her,prettier than her, and sexier than her. He really loves her so much thathe didn't even see the better thing that people offer to him.