Friday, February 15, 2013

New Baby Handphone

after looking at my half dead phone, dad decided to change mine..
and finally i decided to choose SAMSUNG ADVANCE.
basically i don't mind anything.

NOTA CINTA : I loved you unconditionally till forever!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy 3rd Monthsary !

and again, we are officially 3 months together !
through the ups and downs, we are still together.
through the hate and like, we are still together.
through everything, but we are still together.
thanx love for standing strong with our love.
3 months and still counting more and forever.
i have nothing more to offer but only my love to you.

NOTA CINTA : You are the one that I hold on to, because my heart would stop without you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seoul Garden wif them

on the same day i had a date wif love, i also met my gurls from secondary school..
kire macam double date..
love jadi macam my bodyguard kejap..hikhikhik..
got a very quick catch up stories wif them..
minie lunch sekali ngan diorang kat SEOUL GARDEN..
kesian love..die malu-malu sebab he is the only guy..
great catch up wif them although kejap jer. nanti kite hangout lagi ye.

NOTA CINTA : Cuba pejam mata awak. Gelapkan ? Macam itulah hidup saya tanpa awak.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fifth Date wif Love

this is my fifth date wif love..
and again the venue is JUSCO IPOH..
coz its much better than IPOH PARADE, i guess..
as soon as i arrived, had lunch at SEOUL GARDEN..senak giler nak mampus!
after that, watched WAWA SEMPUT.
lepas tu love decided to sing for me kat KARAOKE..
and yes, he has a lovely voice and he will only sings for me, rite love?
on that day, banyak kedai yang tutup coz its chinese new year,so tak banyak tempat yang boleh jalan.
thanx love for the hair clip and cadbury chocolate.
i will not be seeing him for more than a month coz i will only be back at the end of my studies which is at the end of MARCH and since i have no more holidays !!!
i am gonna miss you like crazy, LOVE.
thanx again love for another fantastic date wif you and i can't wait to have another date wif you when i am back home!

NOTA CINTA : True relationship : Love without condition, talk without intention, listen without judging, give without reason and care without expectation.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fourth date wif love

semalam minie had a date wif love.
it was super-super SUPERB !
as usual date kat JUSCO IPOH..
love sampai je terus tengok tiket movie and decided to watch A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD.
before movie, we had lunch kat MCD.
after lunch, decided to take pictures with love at the photo booth thingy..
well, first attempt, kire okay gak ler..not bad..
we managed to have a few good shots..
dengan mase yang ade lagi tu, kami camwhoring since i love taking pictures wif him.
thanx love for another superb date wif you !

NOTA CINTA : I love how you always make me feel happy, no matter what you do.