Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Love Story !

Girl has been ignoring boy for a couple days.
Boy: Talk to me!
Girl: (Shakes head) No.
Boy: Please!
Girl: Why should i?
Boy: Because im going crazy without you.
Girl: So.
Boy: Come on! ="((( I miss you sooo bad.
Girl: Not my problem.
Boy: Dont act like you dont miss me too!
Girl: I dont.
Boy: Was what i did really that bad?
Girl: If it wasnt do you think this would be happening?
Boy: I told you im sorry! What else do you want??
Girl: I want you to leave me alone.
Boy: You know thats not what you really want.
Girl: Yes, it is.
Boy: Well thats one thing i could never do for you.
Girl: Well what can you do?
Boy: Whatever you want me to do.
Girl: Figure something out.
Boy: Fine, How about an apology, 10 reasons why you should forgive me, 10 reasons why i need, you and 10 reasons why i love you.
Girl: Okay. Do that and i’ll see.
Boy: ______ I am sooo sorry. What i did was wrong. I would never ever do anything like that ever again. I need you. I dont know what i would do if i lost you. I will do anything to gain your forgiveness. I truly am sorry. Reasons why you should forgive me: I LOVE you. I NEED you. I would fall apart without you. I would miss you. I love you. I would feel horrible for the rest of my life. No one could ever take your place. No one could love you the way i do. Or as much as i do. I love you. 10 reasons why i need you: Your always there for me. Your an amazing friend. You love me. I wont ever find another human being like you. You never give up on me. You see past my flaws. You go through all kinds of things with me that no one else ever would. You keep me out of trouble. You are everything i could ask for. 10 reasons why i love you: Your beautiful, inside. And out. Your sweet. Your loving. Your Caring. Your smart. Your fun. Your adventorous. They say no one is perfect,. But they’re wrong. You are perfect. ______ I miss you. SO much. Please please please forgive me. I need you. And only you. Forever. ^^
Girl: :O.
Boy: WHAT!?
Girl: Wow, Uhm. _____ I…
Boy: You what??
Girl: I love you.
Boy: I love you too.
Girl: I forgive you.
Boy: Great, Fantastic, Amazing :] Now will you do one more thing for me?
Girl: What is it?
Boy: Be mine. And only mine. Forever. ?
Girl: Yes
Boy: I am NEVER going to lose you. I promise.We’re getting married tomorrow :)

NOTA CINTA :I know that you are not perfect and nor can I claim to be either, but please believe me, when I say that I want to be by your side, to hold your hand, to treasure you in the morning and in the noon-tide, to be next to you, to be held close to your heart now and for the rest of my living years, to comfort you, dry your tears and calm your most frightening fears, to fight your battles and show no shame to scream my love for you out loud all over the land.

-credit to moshie !-


cik nur said...

sweet story heheheh
kan bagus kalo bf nur mcm nie :D

Cik Minie said...

cik nur : minie pun wishes mcm tu..tu pun kalo minie ad bf..=(