Monday, January 12, 2015


Makeup is a woman’s best friend especially as it helps women feel pretty and confident in their own way. Unfortunately, make up can also turn a woman’s aim to beauty a complete nightmare. Women will try out different colours and make up items to create a look which shows off their best facial features. However, women will tend to make beauty mistakes without even realizing how bad it looks. Below are MAKEUP NO NO !

1. Lipstick as a Blusher
Applying lipstick on your cheeks as a substitute blusher is a bad makeup routine to practice. Some women often make this beauty mistake when they are short of blusher at home or wanted to enhance the colour of their cheeks. However, lipsticks are not made to be applied on the cheeks dues to its greasy characteristic and it will make your look like a clown.

2. The Wrong Foundation
Foundation is used by women to cover up blemishes, spots and pimple breakouts. Applying on the wrong foundation colour on your face will definitely fail the makeup look you are aiming for. People will see the difference of tone from your face, neck and hands which clearly does not look good. The best way to select the right foundation colour is by applying a bit onto your skin.

3. Bottom Fake Eyelashes
Every woman dreams of having naturally beautiful lashes and will wear fake eyelashes rather than mascara to achieve it. However, wearing a bottom fake eyelash simply does not do the justice to the face. It makes your eyes looks crowded and hides the colour of your eyes. Women should only just stick with the upper lashes and select the nice length which fits your eyes. Interested customers who want to buy new beauty necessities, check out ZALORA beauty products for women online and practice good beauty practice with the new makeup items.
NOTA CINTA : People will stare. Make it worth their while.

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