Thursday, February 18, 2010


  1.  Order a custom-made cake with, "I love you" written on it.

  2. Call in a dedication on your partner's favorite radio station.

  3. Have flowers, delivered in person by a mutual friend.

  4. Post a dedication on

  5. Commission a billboard on your partner's route to work.

  6. Diamond anything, with a card, or engraved.

  7. Send them a framed photograph, autographed by you.

  8. Leave a message on their voice mail or pager.

  9. Leave little love notes around the house where they will find them.

  10. Write it on the bathroom mirror in fog-proof treatment.

  11. Mail them a letter, postcard or greeting card.

  12. Commission a sky writer to write it in the air.

  13. Announce it over the public address system in any public place.

  14. Send them a postcard from the heart.

  15. Write them a love poem.

  16. Build a web site dedicated to your love.

  17. Take out an ad in their favorite newspaper or magazine.

  18. Make a screen saver and have a colleague load it onto their work computer.

  19. Create any one of the simple crafts on LYC and send it to your love with a note.

  20. Send them a box of chocolates with a card.

  21. Have an artist draw their portrait from a photograph.

  22. Carve a heart into their favorite tree.

  23. Buy them something they have always wanted.

  24. Commission a love song, sung just for them.

  25. Commission a romance novel with you both as the lead characters.

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