Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When SHE falls in love .

When she falls in love, all that matters is just him. Everywhere she goes, he is always in her mind. She just loves buying couple stuffs such as lovers cup,couple tshirts and others. Everywhere she goes, she will definitely buy something for him. When she falls in love, he is the only guy in her heart and in her eyes. She is very loyal to only a guy when she falls in love ! All she wants is just spending every moment with him. Whenever she is out, she wishes that he could be by her side accompany her shopping. She wishes both of them can go and have a picnic together. She even dreamed of then going on a vacation together. She wants to shop with him till they drop dead. She wishes that her facebook wall will be filled with lovely words from him. All she is asking is his loyal love and heart just for her. She is childish when she is in love because she wants his attention and accepting her the way she is. He is everything that she wants. When it comes to falling in love with him, she just wants him to make her presence important in his life ! She wishes to tell the whole world that she is in love with him even to her parents ! But still her family is the most important !!!

She realizes since before she made a commitment with him, it is hard when it comes to falling in love with him. Not only one obstacles she overcome but too many especially when it comes to dealing with her family ! She is a very busy girl. But she would still make the time for him. She would atleast sent a simple text message saying that she missed him. She knows she can't change him into another guy. She accept him the way he is and loved him for what he is. She just wants him to know how deep and boundless her love towards him and she wishes the same for herself.

NOTA CINTA : Loving you wasn't on my to do list, it kind of just happened !

-i love u-


Minem said...

haa betul2!

even one simple text, hoping it`ll make his day.

Cik Minie said...

minem : yup2 ! but he hardly text her..=(