Saturday, September 17, 2011

Memories Flash Back

for the past few weeks, memories on me and you came flashing back on my mind..
it hurts so much till to a moment my tear drops started falling but at the same time i could laugh thinking about the memories of us..
when we were together, i thought u were the last guy in my life as u have everything that i need in a man..
but it seems my expectation doesn't last long as our relationship only last for a month and a week..
maybe i wasn't the best gurl for you..
do you still remember the first time we met eye on eye and talk ?
it was during my semester 2 finals, we went lunch together and you treat me drink.
do you still remember our memories together ?
- you used to sing to me almost every night. i miss hearing your voice singing to me. there was one time, where i slept off when u were singing to me...
- we used to walk together back from class wearing almost the same colour of clothes which is PINK..
- and we used to walk together almost everyday during ramadhan to the bazaar..
- once, it was raining. i brought my umbrella and so do you. but instead, i insist on walking with you under one umbrella..everybody were staring at us..and you were trying not to get me that moment, it was so sweet and i felt as if only me and you existed at that time..
- there was twice that we coincidently wore the same colour of shirt, RED & that moment, i felt that you were my true soulmate..
- twice we break fast together during ramadhan..and u fed was so romantic ! u want to know something, i started loving 'kek batik' since u fed me..
- and there was once you cook for me..and you said that cook it with full of love..and you know something, i was a bit reluctant to share it with my roomates..
- yeah, there was once you helped me to pick my bag when i was going home for my mid semester break..and that time i felt reluctant to go back coz i will be missing you like hell !
- we used to spent hours ad KK2 together..i love to just sit, looking at your face, talking to you, and spending time with you..
- we also used to watch football game together..although i don't really like watching football, but it was fun when watching it with you..
- once you accompany me walking to KSR for my meeting..i still remember you were saying that you are serious about us..
what really happen to us ?
i do really thought that our relationship might have another chance..but why u don't make an effort on consoling me but you said that you were serious ? i don't understand ! i was really hoping that you will console me into building our relationship stupid of me rite ?!

NOTA CINTA : Guys, don't date the most beautiful girl in the world. Date the girl who can make your world most beautiful.


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