Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Shopping Online Lagi!

yeay ! minie shop online again ! this time still at GROUPON !
since kat GROUPON, ade banyak discout yang awesome ! before this kan minie pernah shop makeup brush kat GROUPON..
this time minie shop MANGO BAG pulak !
ORIGINAL PRICE was RM99.00..but after discount of 62%..it's only for RM38.00!
it was delivered using POS LAJU..and it was efficient and fast!!!
i love the bag and it was awesome!

NOTA CINTA : Never make promises that you can never fulfilled !


huny madu said...

Haaa.. Murahnya? Best best! Hehe..mango tengah sale skang nih, memang sedap la nk shopping!

nurul ezzatie zulkarnain said...

Ezzatie dah jarang online shopping sekarang. Tak tahu nak beli apa agaknya. Btw, nice bag =)

Minie Mickey said...

hunny madu : memang murag giler ! especially kt groupon ni..=)

nurul ezzatie zulkarnain : minie pun jarang online shopping..but selalu survey2..kalau murah, baru rembat terus..thanx..^_^

Joyce Sidibe said...

nice bag.

Minie Mickey said...

joyce sidibe : thanx =)