Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am SORRY !

* tears rolling down her eyes..*
" Is it my fault or his ??maybe it is my fault !i am just being too sensitive..! "
The girl sits quietly at a corner..wondering and keeps wondering..She loves him without any condition. She loves him countless. He is all she has! He is the only guy that she loves with all her heart. She just doesn't has the strength to hurt him in anyway even in the softest way! But,yet he just doesn't seems to understand how big her love towards him. She wants him to be the last guy in her life. She wants to spent her entire life with him only. She doesn't want any other guy after him. All she wants is just his attention and love ! She wants him to feel the exact same feeling that she felt for him. She doesn't know how to explain to him about her feelings. She wants him to be by her side always so that he can witness her important moments in her life ! She wants him to realise how important he is to her. She wants to wake up every morning with a " Good morning love !Love u more today! " message and end her everyday with a " Good night dear ! Miss u ! " message from him. She wants to be his most important person in his life. She wants to be with him every single second. She wants to be able to share with him every problems and everything that happens in her daily life. She wants to share all her secrets with him. She wants to be able to talk and laugh with him for hours. She wants him to make her presence important. She wants to go shop and catch a movie with him. She wants to do every single thing with him for the rest of her life! He is everything to her !!!

She admits when it comes to everything about him,she can be very sensitive. Even tough, it's nothing! She admits that she is jeolous whenever a girl tries to get close to him even as his friend. She tries very hard to be the most perfect & prettiest girl just for him. She tries everything just to make him happy. She tries to be the best for him! She tries to ver hard to no hurt him at all. She admits that she just loved him so much. She admits she can't live without him ! She admits she want his attention and love all the time.

-her & him-

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