Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Know her WELL !

She is just like other normal girls. A girl that has feelings. A girl that is easily get jealous when her boyfriend talks about other girls. A girl that has the feeling of insecure. A girl that wants to be pampered by her boyfriend. A girl that is childish and immature. A girl that has such soft heart until she could forgive her friends even if they stabbed her back. A girl that seems hard from the outside, but yet has a heart of a baby. A girl that wishes to tell the whole world that she is madly in love even when she is not sure whether he really loves her or not. A girl that needs attention from him. A girl that is stubborn. A girl that misses his sweet words. A girl that takes crying as her hobby. A girl that needs him to be strong and by her side when she is facing difficulties in life. A girl that wants him to console her every time she is sad and sulking. A girl that wants him to console her when she is upset. A girl that needs him to guide her everyday. A girl that loves him for who he is. All that she ask for is that he know her well and how to deal with her. She didn't expect u to be with her 24/7 ! She didn't expect him to do big things just to please her heart. She just wants him to be ok & fine always. She shows to him if she is sulking. She doesn't knows if he realised it or not. Short, cold sms and no "i love u" by the end of the conversation, which means she is sulking. She can't be telling that she is sulking every single time. He should know whether she is sulking or not. She expect him to know and study her behaviour if he really loves her. He can't be expect her to tell how her feelings at certain time, whether she is sad, happy or others. He has to be the smart one to figure it out. She wishes to spent time with him before she goes back for her holiday. She wishes to break fast with him again. She wishes that he could go back together with her, but she knows it is impossible. Sometimes, she even wonders if he really loves her or is it just words? She is a spoiled, annoying girl. Maybe she expect things too much !

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NOTA CINTA : I want to be with you forever so that I can love you in a way that no one else can and care for you in a manner that only I would. But they broke my heart when they said forever isn't true. Can we prove them wrong by working on forever, just you and me ?
-know her-

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