Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Second Date with LOVE

second date with love decided to go IPOH PARADE..
minie sampai terlebih awal pulak sebab kedai tak bukak lagi..lepak kat fudcourt sambil snap pic wif love..
pastu jalan-jalan pusing kedai dalam PARADE tuh..
then, LUNCH kat SUSHI KING..pas lunch, tengok MOVIE CZ12..
abes movie, beli baju same kat F.O.S. and couple ring..
love, thanx again for another lovely date. thanx sebab suapkan i makan. and thanx sebab u nyanyi untuk i..i will definitely miss u lots love.can't wait for our next date..

NOTA CINTA : I only want 3 things : See you. Hug you. Kiss you.


Azlan Strider said...

semoga berkekalan hendaknya..amin...


Minie Mickey said...

azlan strider : thanx ! insyallah..amin..^_^

miss niedNied said...

sweet! :)

Nyue said...

so sweet :)

Minie Mickey said...

miss nied nied : thanx dear! ^_^

nyue : thanx dear ! ^_^