Monday, January 21, 2013

Third Date wif Love

just had an AWESOME THIRD DATE wif LOVE..
decided to date at JUSCO IPOH..
started with suprises from him..he bought me RED ROSES and sweet of you,love.
watched 2 movies, which are THE LAST STAND and MAMA..
had lunch at MCD since the both of us loves it so much.
and we did take a short walk and tour around the supermarket.
its so hard to be apart with you love and to let you go back.
thanx again love for another awesome date !
i love you so much, love ! and i miss you already.

NOTA CINTA : If I could choose again, I would still choose you!


Florence Ayum said...

sweet couple . May god bless both of you and stay sweet tgther ^^

Minie Mickey said...

florence ayum : thanx dear ! ^_^

Lynn Damya said...

nice dear, muka korang looked similar to each other lah! :D org ckp, klw muka sama...serasi gitu~hihi

Minie Mickey said...

lynn damya : thanx dear ! similar which part ek ? hehehehehe..hopefully berkekalan..

cik nur said...

cute couple hehehe :)

Minie Mickey said...

cik nur : thanx dear ! ^_^