Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fourth date wif love

semalam minie had a date wif love.
it was super-super SUPERB !
as usual date kat JUSCO IPOH..
love sampai je terus tengok tiket movie and decided to watch A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD.
before movie, we had lunch kat MCD.
after lunch, decided to take pictures with love at the photo booth thingy..
well, first attempt, kire okay gak ler..not bad..
we managed to have a few good shots..
dengan mase yang ade lagi tu, kami camwhoring since i love taking pictures wif him.
thanx love for another superb date wif you !

NOTA CINTA : I love how you always make me feel happy, no matter what you do.


ezyra daniel said...

alaaa sweet nye korg hehe jelez nie...semoga happy slalu ya^^

Minie Mickey said...

ezyra daniel : thanx ! ^_^

- Ma StOrY - said...

semoga setia hujung nyawa

Minie Mickey said...

ma story : thanx ! ^_^