Friday, December 26, 2014

London Trip 9 : Harrods

Next we decided to head to HARRODS !
To get, by taking the underground train, stop at KNIGHTSBRIDGE station.
Awesome ! You should have seen the price for each of the item in here !
Damn ! I must marry to a millionaire in order to shop here. Mahal gile !!! Boleh ambil bau je.
So,all we did is just sight-seeing and photo time.
As for today, we managed to cover 3 places.
Lets see where shall we go tomorrow.

NOTA CINTA : If your are meant to be together forever, you will survive any obstacle or trouble that comes to you.


sinuha said...

bestnya dapat jnjalan kt london.

Minie Mickey said...

sinuha : yup2.memang best :)