Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Melaka Trip : Wedding Day

this recent weekend, minie decided to go to IEJAN'S BROTHER'S WEDDING which was at MELAKA..
so, i started my journey from IPOH to KL SENTRAL by using ETS TRAIN..
sampai je kt KL SENTRAL, meet up with DINAESH and UMA..we continued our journey to TBS to take a bus to MELAKA SENTRAL..
sampai je kat MELAKA SENTRAL, meet up wif LOVE and IEJAN pick us up to go to the WEDDING RECEPTION..
first time ever, attend wedding occasion wif love and friends ! later a lil bit, NANO sampai.
as soon as the reception finished, IEJAN brought us to search hotel for us to stay. finally found one a lil bit nearby to the BANDAR HILIR which is REGALO HOTEL..
mule-mule ingat nak search hotel which are in the center town of MELAKA..but, too bad all was fully booked.
after checked in, we rest ourselves and decided to walk around town at night.

NOTA CINTA : Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true.

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