Friday, April 19, 2013

Pengalaman wif Groupon

ini merupakan kali pertama minie beli benda kat GROUPON !
nak tahu ape GROUPON ni ?
kat GROUPON ni ade macam-macam..for example TRAVEL, TICKET, SHOPPING, BEAUTY, HEALTH !
and all of that ade DISCOUNT UP TO 70% ! but certain items are more than that !
first thing yang minie beli kat GROUPON ni adalah 11 PIECE OF MAKEUP BRUSHES FROM EVERYDAY MINERALS !
price yang asalnya is around RM400 ++..BUT after 80% ++ discount, its RM85.00 !!!
since minie dah lama cari makeup brushes, ape lagi..wajib rembat ler ni !!!
minie dapat barang tu dalam tempoh penghantaran..which means no delay !

NOTA CINTA : True love never dies. It only gets stronger with time.


Deux adore La mode said...

This is awesome! dont forget to follow me back :)

Minie Mickey said...

deux adore la mode : =)