Saturday, May 4, 2013

DKHP sesi 2010/2013!

sekarang dah almost three years we all know each other.
DKHP 2010/2013 ROCKS + SUPERB !

SYIKEEN - she is my beautiful baby gurl !
RABY - loves eat but still skinny jer. damn jealous wei.
SUE - she still looks beautiful no matter what she put on.
MINEM - keeps her room superb tidy and beautiful.
WADAH - such a sporting friend. love to see her falling in love.
SHAKILLA - she is already like my big sis.
DARREEN - a soft siamese gurl..gosh..!
UMA - tall girl with a boy hair cut but still look feminine.
NAVEENA - adorable sweet smart girl.
JANANI - the gurl with braces.
SHIRLEY - cute and petite gurl.
IZZATI - mek the smallest girl in class.
JEEAH - gadis ayu gitu.
BEATRICE - when she smiles, a slight dimple can be seen.
MISCHEL - her beautiful big eyes when she wears contact lens.
BAN LEE - super organized person.
ENJI - sweet gurlfren when it comes to love. super skinny legs!
VIVIAN - super smart girl !!!
TEHA - an example of a superb future wifey.
LIYANA - soft gurl with a sweet smile.
MUKA - black is maybe la her fav colour.
KAK MAS - mommy in the class.
QIST - bagi ape je, she can turn it into delicious food.
JUE - happily in a relationship with her boyfie.
DIDIE - happy with the man of her life.
FARA - bile masuk class je, she will all sort of cute face reactions.
WANY - still skinny and pretty till now.
KAK AINI - an elder sis in the class.
RAIHANI - good in drawing and anime.
SHAHIRAH - friendsly and nice gurl.
AYIE - rugby player. one of my close male friend.
FAHMIE - futsal player and has sense of fashion.
ACAP - quite a good singer.
FIRDAUS - suke dengar lagu hardcore giler.
IEJAN - his voice amazed me especially bile die gelak.
JOE - dancing is his thing and so does yoga.
PAWAIH - brave to voice out his thoughts.
ZIE - suke sangat cookies that he made.
WILSON - willy! super tall and skinny guy.
SAM - sammy. love to play computer games.
DINAESH - my big brother and big joker in class.
AZIZI - talented and artistic hand.
YAZID - one of example future husband.
DIN - most evening, he will definitely jog.
AZMAN - his gila-gila attitude.

NOTA : i hope our 3 years of friendship will last till eternal and our 3 years of memory will be forever cherished and remembered. kalau ada salah and silap, atau terkasar bahasa, atau terluka hati, atau ape jua kesalahan, harap dapat dimaafkan. thanx for the wonderful memories. gud luck in your future. i love dkhpian !


Amirul Asyraf said...

haha yeje kau ni mini

Minie Mickey said...

amirul asyraf : ye le tu..time makosra tu..sedap pe suare kau..hahahaha..

ziqa nuar said...

wahh. bestnye list kn nme kwn2 sume :))
jom join sni dear

Minie Mickey said...

ziqa nur : this is my of my own way to show appreciation for my frens..=)