Friday, May 3, 2013

Melaka Trip : Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

since we had a long day, we went back to rest and continued our travel at night.
malam ni minie decided to go to another mall which is DATARAN PAHLAWAN MELAKA MEGAMALL. it is the biggest mall in MELAKA..
we had our dinner at A&W, since it is my favourite ! yeay ! setelah sekian lama mengidam, akhirnya dapat juga.
lepas dinner, pusing and jalan-jalan around the mall..but tak sempat nak jalan the whole mall sebab dah nak dekat closing. as usual, shopping itu wajib bagi minie walaupun dah nak dekat closing. minie sempat rembat HANDBAG.
before balik, singgah plak kat UPTOWN PAHLAWAN (kot). kat sini love belikan minie PURSE. thanx love!
the next day, its time to head back home. overall, the trip was tiring but it was awesome !
thanx to IEJAN, DINAESH, NANO, UMA and LOVE for this trip !

NOTA CINTA : I never thought I'd love you so much !


hana hadi said...

eh2 baju sama di situ :)

Minie Mickey said...

hana hadi : hehehehe..^_^