Monday, July 15, 2013

Kisah Cinta Minie & Love

mesti ramai tertanya-tanya macam ne la minie kenal ngan love minie nie ?
kalo tak tertanya pun, buat je tertanya-tanya..hehehehe...gurau je..
actually start dari perkenalan mini and love, tak terdetik pun akan couple with love coz love is a lil bit younger than me.
but somehow he manage to catch my heart with his adorable face and sweet attitude.

kitaorang berkenalan through one app kat BB named SMOOTHIE..
through there, die invite to add BBM minie and i approved..we started talking..texting him becomes a routine in my daily life..
one day, he was busy with his football game the whole day. didn't even text me..ingatkan dah lupe..mane le tau if die jumpe kawan barukan..late that evening, he texted me..whole day tu, minie felt as if something is missing..without realising, he already had a spot deep down in my heart..
we declared our relationship just through phone.. after 3 months being in the relationship, we had our first date..and the second date was a day after the first date.
he is the best thing that could ever happened to me. he is the best that i could ever asked for. no one can ever replace him. he tried to be the best for me but he is the best for me. there will be no other man after him.  i can't ask for other man, coz he is the most superb one for me.

NOTA CINTA : If you need to hear why I love you, I can go on all night.


ejulz said...

smoga hubungan kekal hingga ke jinjang pelamin.. :)

Minie Mickey said...

ejulz : amin =)

sinuha said...

Wah, seronok cerita pasal bf dia. Anyway, saya pun doakan macam ejulz jugak. Semoga sampai ke jinjang pelamin. :D

Minie Mickey said...

sinuha : hehehhe..amin..thanx ! =)